COVID 19 Strategy Update

In order to protect our team members, clients, family members and other immediate contacts, Jeavons is implementing a preventative strategy in order to continue to work effectively for our clients while  avoiding direct person-to-person contact.

We will continue to monitor advice from State and Federal authorities, WHO etc and will act accordingly.


Continuing to serve clients – from home

All of our team members are now working from home.

We are confident we can manage a seamless transition in order to continue to work effectively.

Over the past many years Jeavons have invested in business management practices, strategies and in software that allows easy remote communications, and secure access to our data files. We also have many years’ experience in managing team members who are remote from our physical office.



Please communicate initially via email to establish the best way to conduct future meetings and conversations and move projects forward.

Please make sure that you include a direct phone number where we can reach you, especially if you are not at your normal workplace.


No  Personal Contact and Meetings

Effective immediately, we are avoiding all travel and physical meetings.

We will now conduct all meetings via Microsoft Teams  or phone.


Next Steps

If you have any meetings scheduled with us, we will be in touch to discuss the project and our strategies to successfully achieve your project goals while minimising the associated risks.


We wish you good health and will keep you informed of any further changes as the situation evolves.