Jeavons win Urban Design Award

Jeavons have won the 2011 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Vic)
Urban Design award for the Clifton Hill Railway Project Landscape.

The Jury noted that the design delivers on a technically challenging brief and balanced a range of expectations through a skilfully delivered and well resolved design. “The result is a beautifully executed landscape which demonstrates the integral role that a landscape architect has in delivering a multi-dimensional project varying in scale, programs, stakeholders, and contexts.”

The jury’s full transcript can be read on the AILA Victoria webpage .

This project was designed for the Department of Transport by the Jeavons Landscape Architects team.

We wish to acknowledge the many contributors to the project including: the Department of Transport , Planned FX, MGS Architects, Ecology Australia,  Dr Peter May & Homewood Consulting as well as stakeholders who contributed valuable feedback.  Construction was by John Holland Group and softscape works were by Normark Landscapes. Photography is by Andrew Lloyd .

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