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Our approach to sustainable landscape architecture embraces the importance of plants to all humans, and we especially encourage children to engage directly with plants through Jeavons’ planting design landscape architecture. 

Jeavons have many years of experience in preparing detailed and beautiful planting designs. We have qualified horticulturalists on our team, and we purposefully select planting in every space, for many different functions, such as to:

  • define individual spaces within a larger area
  • provide sensory qualities and play materials (leaves, twigs, flowers etc)
  • emphasise visual delight, and seasonal change and add to the well-being of users
  • provide habitat for wildlife
  • educate users about an ecologically sustainable environment
  • provide shade, shelter, and windbreaks
  • grow food for productive gardens.

As a landscape architect Melbourne-based, Jeavons seeks plant materials well suited to local conditions, and we seek specialist advice regarding plants in other environments outside Melbourne. 

There are typically four components of a Planting Design:

The Planting Palette 

A planting palette is an illustrative document that shows the intended combination of plants within a space. It is not a plan but is intended as a point of discussion with the client, to discuss their preferences.  This precedes the planting design. 

The plants are selected for their suitability to the local environment, for children’s use, and for the intended purpose. We use photos of the plants to convey the feeling, the colour palette, and the forms of the proposed plants. 

Jeavons usually prepares this planting palette as part of the Design Development stage.   

The Planting Plan 

A full Planting Plan is an accurate, detailed plan used to communicate exactly where each plant will be placed on site. It is typically part of a set of drawings intended for town planning, tender or construction.

The Planting Schedule 

The Schedule accompanies the plan and is a summary of every plant species in the design. It details each species’ botanical name, type, established size, quantity required, pot size, and any additional information required. 

Details and Specifications  

This set includes drawing details and a written specification for soil preparation, planting details, and protection of plants.

These form part of our detailed contract documentation package.

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