Ivanhoe East Primary School

Location: Ivanhoe East

Client: Ivanhoe East Primary School

Designed by: Jeavons Landscape Architects

Constructed: Archadia Landscapes

Status: Constructed

Jeavons was engaged by the school to link the upper level play and lower play areas of this challenging site.

The new rock retaining wall offers opportunity for different challenging ways up the embankment, seating areas, outdoor class rooms, steps and planting in amongst the rock embankment.

The creative and playful design outcome also created more play space and safer movement on the upper and lower level play spaces.

Included in the design was an accessible nature play area with sand play, outdoor learning spaces and a new sports field.

The consulted children from the mining club were extremely impressed with the outcome as we were able to provide more rocks for their discovery play.

Jeavons provided landscape architectural service with consultation, concept design and documentation.

Photography: Andrew Lloyd

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