But…Isn’t It Dangerous? Risk and Reward in Nature Play


Source: http://riverhabitat.org

An interesting article by Ken Finch, Green Hearts

“Risk averse” barely seems to do justice to the expansive fears of our modern American society. “Risk paranoid” might be more accurate. So it’s not surprising that when considering nature play, risk is an often- passionate topic and a frequent roadblock. Naturally, all parents want their children to be safe; all teachers want their students to be safe; and all organizations want their clients and visitors to be safe. Yet it seems as though our strict standards for workplace safety – that is, no risks, no injuries – are now being applied to children’s outdoor play. When taken to these extremes, the understandable desire for safety can morph into a harmful burden, especially for children. This is a gross error that our society needs to re-consider…. read more

Full Article: http://riverhabitat.org/butisnt-it-dangerous-risk-and-reward-in-nature-play/

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