Very small park, big local role


The new playground and park refurbishment at Friendship Square, Cheltenham has transformed this space into a lively and widely-used pocket park. Since its recent construction, the park has seen a significant rise in popularity with locals enjoying the space on a daily basis.

As part of the Kingston City Council Playground Strategy prepared by Jeavons in 2009, the tiny park was recognised as an important space due to its location. Recommendations to cater for access, seating and create attractive social spaces have made this park play a big role in the local area.

New features include a treehouse play structure with leaf-shaped shade, swings, spinning ‘cup’, natural play elements, plenty of seating and new trees including a citrus grove that reflects the history of the area. The City Of Kingston has done an excellent job in maintaining the park since construction and their efforts are appreciated by the local residents.

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