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August 14th, 2013

Changes to Playground Standards for Australia
New changes are underway for  the safety standards for Playground Equipment  AS 4685-parts 1 to 6 , and Jeavons Landscape Architects advises our clients and colleagues  that  the amendments  are now available  for public comment until 16 October 2013 .

The changes affect play spaces in Supervised Early Childhood Centres as well as in schools and all public play spaces .

The new document DRAFT for public comment DR_AS_4685.1  is based on the current European Standard EN:1176 with a series of Australian amendments that will be listed as an Appendix (these are referred to as ZZ Appendices ).  According to Standards Australia , the Australian Government is bound by  World Trade treaty obligations  and Standards should not pose a barrier to free trade.    On these grounds only a limited set of reasons for amendments are allowed.

How to find out more
In spite of our best efforts, there are significant limitations on the ways that the information  can be circulated  due to EN copyright restrictions which makes the idea of public comment contentious.  There are two documents involved:

·         The full,  original  EN1176 Standard. If you wish to read this document you may need to buy one from                       Standards Australia, or borrow one.

·         The Amendments for Australia which will appear  as the ZZ Appendix. We have posted this document on our           website Draft for Public Comment DR AS 4685.1

Please note that this is  liable to change and should not be used yet as a Standard.

A summary of the new changes
Mary Jeavons represents Play Australia on the Standards Australia committee CS005 that has been working on these new documents.

Mary has prepared a summary of the changes which she presented to Play Australia members and colleagues at a seminar last week.  This presentation for the changes to Part 1  has also  been placed on our website 2013 Revised Playgrounds Standards AS 4685 Part 1  Jeavons Summary Presentation . This does not purport to be the whole document but summarises the key changes proposed, for your general information.

How to comment
Please prepare a typed document  outlining:

·         the clause or issue on which you wish to comment
·         your comment
·         any proposed rewording.

Please email  these  to by 20 September to allow me time to collate your feedback. If you wish to comment on the process or the availability of the documents please direct your comments direct to Standards Australia.

We hope you find this information useful.

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