New Sensory Courtyards for Dandenong Valley Special Developmental School

Dandenong Valley SDS is a school that supports learning for children with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities. Age groups range from young children in the early intervention program through to young adults. The school is located in one of the biggest population growth corridors of Victoria.

Jeavons staff have had the pleasure of working with this inspiring staff and school community for approximately 12 years, over which time the school has progressively implemented the original Jeavons landscape master plan. The overall vision is to provide a stimulating, educational, safe and inviting environment in which to play and learn.

The school’s latest addition to their play environment includes two new sensory courtyards, designed with a variety of sensory qualities to engage and stimulate the students while also providing spaces to relax and soothe, with calming nooks and retreat areas.

Client – Dandenong Valley SDS

Landscape Contractor – Arcadia Landscapes

Artist – Outer Edge Creations

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