Adding Value to Standard Play Equipment in Parks

Mary Jeavons was a key presenter at the recent Kidsafe WA seminar Playscapes in Public Spaces in Perth Oct 25, 2012. Marys presentation on the design of public play spaces emphasised ways of adding value to public play spaces in parks, even if budgets are tight. These points are particularly relevant as ways to add value where standard off-the-shelf play equipment is used in parks. Ten key design features that MAXIMISE PLAY value in parks social and inclusive design opportunities to explore and discover beyond designated boundaries available natural elements and loose materials some open ended design features opportunities for varying levels of climbing and risk taking provide for key forms of movement-swinging,

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Jeavons heads to the Pilbara Coast

Jeavons recently completed two playgrounds in Karratha , Western Australia.

The first project, Bulgarra Public Open Space, was part of a Masterplan to improve the play facilities in the reserve. The playground added value to the existing sporting fields, tennis and netball courts. Custom designed play structures and cubbies were constructed by Earthcare, Living Iron and Forpark.

The second project is located in a new sub division and is tagged as the new outdoor space for locals.

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October 03rd, 2012

Sulochi Walisinghe moves to Knox City Council

Sulochi has a new position as a Landscape Architect looking after play spaces in Knox, amongst other projects. Sulochi came to us as a new graduate and though we will miss her, congratulate her on her new role.

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Young Children released into the Wild at Melbourne Zoo

This newly opened precinct called Growing Wild invites young children, their families and carers into Melbourne Zoo to literally enter the world of the animals – to eyeball meerkats and giant tortoises, climb and explore, dig in sand, look for worms and beetles and play ‘lookout’ like the meerkats on guard. They can try on a tortoise shell for size, 

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promoting a balanced approach

The UK Health and Safety Executive together with the Play Safety Forum recently published a joint high level statement on risk and children’s play.

It advocates that play is great for children’s well-being and development and acknowledges that accidents and mistakes happen during play. ‘No child will learn about risk if they are wrapped in cotton wool’.

In summary the statement makes clear that:

Play is important for children’s well-being and development When planning and providing play opportunities,

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