Bambini Junior

Location: 75 Wilson Street, Brighton
Client: Aussie Leisure Group
Designed by: Jeavons Landscape Architects, 2009
Artwork by: Honeyweather & Speight

Bambini Junior Children’s Centre in Brighton is a unique learning centre which models its approach to early childhood education on those of Reggio Emilia, Steiner & Te Whariki. The Centre aims to emphasise the importance of a holistic approach to the role of play in the growth and development of children during early childhood.

Using our understanding of the importance of natural and flexible playspaces in a child’s development, we were able to incorporate these philosophies in the overall design for the centre.

The playspace offers a variety of complementary play experiences; sand play, digging, climbing and imaginative play with cubbies, decks and structures. Unique details such as a growing arbour, stepping stones, sculptures, a wind-chime and a vegetable garden add other layers to this dynamic learning environment. View more from our range of landscape design services in Melbourne.


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