Glenallen Special Development School

Location: Allen Street, Glen Waverley
Client: Glenallen School
Designed by: Jeavons Landscape Architects, 2009
Constructed: Gemcan In collaboration with Allplay

Glenallen school has just celebrated the opening of their very special new playground. The school caters for students with a physical disability or health impairment and many of the students are in wheelchairs. The new playground has been custom designed by Jeavons to be accessible to all. It is a place for learning and play with the aim that all students have the opportunity to experience fun & friendship.

The landscape design is based around a story called “Let’s Play …” and features many different areas where children can let their imagine run wild – driving the train & pulling the whistle, inside the helicopter , exploring the cave, camping in a tee pee, at a beach or even flying to the moon.

The school has pursued their vision for this project for many years so it was a great joy to see the students finally enjoying this wonderful space.

Interactive musical sculptures were created by Herb Jercher and quirky imaginative artworks by Honeyweather & Speight including the interactive rocket ship. Customised play equipment was constructed by Allplay and the head contractor was Gemcan Constructions.


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