Wiluna Playground

Location: Wiluna, Western Australia
Client: Shire of Wiluna
Designed by: Jeavons Landscape Architects, 2010

Jeavons were commissioned to design a play space for the remote desert town of Wiluna and enhance the existing bare windswept local environment in the centre of town.

Jeavons conducted extensive consultation with the community in May 2010. With the support of Wiluna’s school teachers we conducted dynamic playground design workshops with local children who produced striking drawings and models of their playground designs. Consultation with local aboriginal residents and shire staff included discussions and also trialled the use of visual tools.

Our design response captures the vibrant, colourful, contemporary outlook of Wiluna and seeks to attract visitors and be a symbol of pride. A large mound topped with iconic cliff house structures draws you into the site. As requested by local Martu people the design fits with the local environment and provides opportunities to express local art and culture and incorporate local animals.

Our design for the playspace consists of two layers; organic forms shaped out of the earth referencing local artwork and landscapes, added to this are contrasting built structures which are drawn from a language of urban forms.

The project seeks to create a safe and engaging space for children of all ages from babies to teenagers and targets the specific needs of children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Consultation with local therapists highlighted the importance of spinning & swinging experiences and we designed for these along with other specialist measures to aid child development.

Practical design considerations include greening the town, irrigation, availability of resources, use of mounds to create planting areas over impenetrable site bedrock, carparking, surrounding streetscapes and the provision for additional residential development on parts of the site.

This masterplan will be used by the Shire of Wiluna to ensure a planned approach and seek further funding for construction.


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