Month: June 2012

Magical playspace at Glenallen School

Glenallen school have just celebrated the opening of their very special new playground. The school caters to students with a physical disability or health impairment and many of the students are in wheelchairs. The new playground has been custom designed by Jeavons to be accessible to all.  It is a place for learning and play with the aim that all students have the opportunity to experience fun &

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Mary met with Dr Julie Rudner and students at Latrobe Uni

Mary was pleased to be invited by Dr Julie Rudner to speak with students of La Trobe University’s, Community Planning and Development Program in Bendigo . This program looks at towns and rural areas in terms of their social, economic and physical environments, with the aim of improving them as places to live. Julie particularly advocates for children’s rights. Check out her blog called “ Let my kids do WHAT?!”

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Roy Dore Reserve’s New Playground

Jeavons have designed another new playground for the City of Kingston , with the residents reaping the rewards of the hardworking and dedicated council staff. The playground is located at Roy Dore Reserve, Carrum and further information can be found on City of Kingston’s website.

The playground has a pirate boat under shade sails with plenty of looting and mayhem to keep young pirates preoccupied.

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