Month: September 2013

Bambini Juniors Early Learning Centre, Wilson Street, Brighton

The new extension to Bambini Juniors Early Learning Centre was opened early in 2013.

This new purpose-built facility includes two levels of play rooms and outdoor play environments including a rooftop.  Jeavons Landscape Architects collaborated with Bambini staff to design these nature-based outdoor play areas that support the Centre’s early learning philosophy. Jeavons created complex and engaging outdoor play areas for children aged between six months and five years.  Despite the limitations of constructing a garden on a rooftop and on top of a slab in the case of the ground floor,

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New natural play for Tintern Junior School

The recently constructed playspace at Tintern for the grades three to six includes a range of diverse play elements in a carefully designed natural setting. The large outdoor space with natural materials allows kids to build their own cubbies, play in a meandering dry creek bed and use their imagination to explore the space. The complex level changes were resolved through the creation of stone amphitheatres, mounding and accessible pathways. The space also includes come complex climbing equipment and a hard court.

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